不知道你想要什么,就多弄了点,希望有你能用上的。 如果有给点分 谢谢~~!


故事叙述 Jekyll 博士相信每个人都同时拥有两极化的个性 – 好的一面与邪恶的一面。 如果将这两种个性分开成为截然不同的两人,这两个灵魂将获得释放。他随后成功地以化学实验将自我身上邪恶的一面转化成为 Hyde 先生并犯下可怕的罪行。但当他想要停止用药时,却惊恐的发现一切为时已晚……

◆Plot introduction:

The story describe Jekyll Doctor to believe everybody to own the character a good noodles of the – that two poles turn in the meantime and improbity of one side. If will this two kinds of character separate to become entirely different of two people, this two soul will be release.He later on successfully with chemistry experiment ego body improbity of a noodles conversion become Hyde a Sir and commit terrible of criminal acts.But when he want to stop use a medicine, frightened of detection everything is hour already night ……











◆Backstage topic for gossip:

"I certainly think.I think that role to think want to die.Good, let us try a lens."

Under the sistuation that extremely keep secret, the Fu Lai was clear to seek a photographer and a class of person's horse and stealthily was beautiful for English space to try a lens in a day at the mid-night.Try later on, he make a phone call to David ·fill Er Ni gram say,"David, my plan change a role.Make the English space beautiful to play moxa Wei."

Fill Er Ni gram loudly Rang way,"can she is to can't play this kind of role."This is absolute to not agree with usual practice of match the Hollywood.

Hence Fu Lai is clear to say,"her ability.I once tried a lens, do you want to see?The my parties person send."

Watched fill of film Er Ni gram gape, the English space be beautiful of performance absolutely unique, the role of this frivolous miss absolutely tailor for her.He also recognized tacitly this lens, had to make longer face, say,"all right.Do so."

《Incarnation Doctor 》become an English space beautiful 1 thoroughly change drama the film of the road.Her art way of thinking is doubtless from this film beginning gradual open widely.Male leading role history the guest fill ·bend a match not to like to play the role which gather dual personality at the whole body:Since the strange space Er wanted to play lightly moving gentleman Doctor, want to dress up as again fierce very the sea of the devil sort virtuous Sir.His dream is always a maintenance he that kind of is touchy-feely romantic and small living of role.The English space is beautiful to want to play various different role and she want to play in the world each role.

This drama is to know to all of noisy drama.Once is clap a history guest to fill to start to embrace an English space beautiful dash away to go upstairs, go straight to the matter that the bedroom go to Gan sexual intercourse.According to the Fu Lai clear viewpoint, the man should be that the shape be robust, the dint be big like cow, embrace her to rush to go upstairs steps with frightening ease, as if the woman have no weight.The history guest fill to lose a voice to complain of hard lot not Die:"Alas! hey, can not stand, my hernia went into action and how do?"Hence, they hurriedly rushed through to make a net Dou the beautiful Teng be empty to lift up from under the English space, pull the Ye to her up with a Yang machine, the history guest fill to eliminate to close on the heels of her and look to seem him to give to embrace an English space beautiful.But, this isn't an easy affair.A time they make the English space pull the Ye beautiful get too quick, the history guest fill to can not keep up with a step son.The Fu Lai clear order say:"The speed used nature pull the Ye to her up and come to 1 time again."That be the place with the biggest difficulty, again and again tried some times have never attain to take effect, one whole day of time all consume on this action.Try to arrive 20 time, the cordage snapped from tension, the English space be beautiful to fall a history guest to fill of bosom, he through can not stand, two people got down the bone Lu Lu ground to rolled down for the head, a bottom fell off stairs underneath, they two people incredibly 1:00 got hurt.They roll the stairs underneath Zong voice to laugh wildly and smile keep a dozen to roll.By this time, the Fu Lai be clear and nasty to in a hurry run, a full face of frightened and concern, on seeing two of his star all safe and sound, this just calculate loose tone, can continue to let go ground to clap bottom.

The Wei gram is many ·Fu Lai's being clear be a the excellent director which be full of creative power in the English space beautiful eye.From the inside of his eyes ability complete read his intention.His ability make the actor do peacetime basically can't imagination of outstanding perform.Having a the act what he want is a the sea which face to terrible virtuous Sir, frightenned to frighten to death but the mind disorder the miss of hysteria, but the English space be beautiful be don't to come out.End, the Fu Lai be clear blunt come over, a hand hold tight her shoulder, positive and negative hand dozen she a series of box on the ear.The English space is beautiful to frightened to disgrace, injustice tears cover the face.He but big mark time to return to a movie camera a side loudly shout:"Open to clap!"Connect to photograph a personnel all surprised and foolish.Her side cried a side to finish play this drama and come out of effect abnormality of good.

《Incarnation Doctor 》for English space beautiful to say, it is once to leap.She also excitedly write a way in the diary by herself:"I have never be like so from such as of perform, oneself of the acting skill be complete exertive come out.I a time broke through tie my Fan cage, toward vast the world exceeded a big step ……I feel tie to live the fetter of my hand and foot to have already been flounced by me, I can fly higher."

◆演员列表:(Actor row form)

Spencer Tracy .... Dr. Henry 'Harry' Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

英格丽·褒曼 Ingrid Bergman .... Ivy Peterson

Lana Turner .... Beatrix Emery

Donald Crisp .... Sir Charles Emery

Ian Hunter .... Dr. John Lanyon

巴顿·麦克莱恩 Barton MacLane .... Sam Higgins

C. Aubrey Smith .... Bishop Manners

Peter Godfrey .... Poole, Jekyll's Butler

Sara Allgood .... Mrs. Higgins

Frederick Worlock .... Dr. Heath

William Tannen .... Intern Fenwick

Frances Robinson .... Marcia

Denis Green .... Freddie

Billy Bevan .... Mr. Weller

Forrester Harvey .... Old Prouty



《化身博士 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde》

导演: 约翰·S·罗伯逊

编剧: 罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森、克拉拉·贝兰杰、托马斯·罗素·沙利文、奥斯卡·王尔德

主演: 约翰·巴里摩尔、布兰登·赫斯特、玛莎·曼斯菲尔德、查理斯·林恩、塞西尔·克洛韦利、妮塔·纳尔迪、路易斯·沃海姆、Alma Aiken、J·马尔科姆·邓恩、费迪南德·戈特沙尔克、Julia

 Hurley、杰克·麦克休、Georgie Drew Mendum、布兰奇·林、梅·罗布森、埃德加·瓦雷泽

类型: 剧情、科幻、恐怖

制片国家/地区: 美国

语言: 无对白

上映日期: 1920-03-18(美国)

片长: 67 分钟(1971 alternate version)、80 分钟(Kino Print)

又名: 海德博士、Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

基克尔(约翰·巴里摩尔 John Barrymore


基克尔有一位名叫伊芙(妮塔·纳尔迪 Nita Naldi 饰)的未婚妻,两人之间的感情非常的要好,然而,海德先生的存在让基克尔不自觉的被名叫碧翠丝的放荡妓女所吸引。分裂的人格让基克尔感到万分的痛苦,他想要消灭海德先生。  








还有最终Boss ?!:


* 在顺利的情况下,你可以用一发心电光波击中Letule的三颗火弹,这对于你尽快恢复Meter值极为有利。

* 你不能像对付其他Letule那样对付它,因为它在消失的时候也能四处移动。但在看不见它的时候使用心电波攻击术仍不失为一种好办法,这样你就有可能不给它攻击的机会。它在屏幕上每一个位置停留的时间都很短,你不会有足够的时间来瞄准它。



如果你玩的是日版,Millicent 小姐会穿着红衣服在教堂等你。在美版中她则不会出现,但后面的剧情和日版相同:Millicent (穿着白婚纱)和杰基(穿着白礼服)伴着在另一种结局里出现过的婚礼进行曲,从各自一边款步走向小教堂。当两人终于走到一起,他们并肩站定,然后转身向门,踏上楼梯走进去。场景切到两人笼罩在光柱下亲吻,然后光柱消失, END 字样才最后出现。






导演: 罗伯特·昆宁

编剧: 查理·希格森

主演: 汤姆·巴特曼、理查德·E·格兰特

类型: 剧情、动作、冒险

制片国家/地区: 英国

语言: 英语

上映日期: 2015-10-25(英国)

集数: 10

片长: 45分钟

又名: 黑白怪医

10-part drama set in 1930s London focusing on Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original doctor. The show will follow Robert Jekyll's quest to discover his real identity and the true nature of his family's cursed history.   



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